Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom AKA The Prophet Of The Christ's Work Ethics

1)Never Lie About One's Gifts Or Powers
2)Always Be Up Front With All Clients Or Potential Clients About Offerings(Prices)
3)Always Be Honest, Professional And Caring At All Times
4)Never Make 100% Guarantees
5)Never Make False Promises

Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom AKA The Prophet Of The Christ's Holiness Ethics

1)Always Give Glory And Honor To Christ Jesus While Working
2)Always Know That All Powers And Gifts Are From Christ Jesus And Not Oneself
3)Always Pray And Thank Christ Before And After Work Is Done
4)Never Lean Upon Ones Own Understanding. Always Listen To Christ At All Times

The Four Rules Of White Magic,Divine Magic Which Is Also Called White Light Energy

1)LIVE-Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last. For One Day,You Will Be Right
2)LOVE-Love Yourself First And Foremost. For When You Truly Love Yourself, Loving Those Around You Will Come As Easily As Breathing. We All Must Breathe
3)LEARN-Learn Your Life's Lessons Each As It Comes. For That Is The Reason Why We Are Here
4)ENJOY-Enjoy Your Life Because If You Do Not, Most Likely Someone Else Will Enjoy It For You. Your Time Here Would've Been Wasted