SOME VERY COMMON PSYCHIC SCAMS TO LOOK FOR-Please be careful when it comes to choosing your psychic, prophet or spell caster! There are quite a number of scams to watch for. Some scams includes curses. When a psychic, prophet or spell caster tells you that they see negativity surrounding you. This is a red flag. Please be careful of this. This is most likely a trick to charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Please be careful when psychics, prophets or spell casters tell you that you have bad luck ,black clouds or even curses upon you. This is another trick to take your hard earned money. Some scams are very easy to spot right away. You also have unethical people that may not be scamming. They are just dishonest and unethical. These are the psychics, prophets or spell caster who tells you a certain price. Then add on hundreds or even thousands of dollars for other services, products that are most likely useless to you. Please be careful with psychic networks. My honest suggestion is to avoid a network and not to have readings with any networks! Networks hire a bunch of beginning people who are either inexperienced or just starting out. Some of these people are not even psychically developed enough to help you. These people have either responded to an ad on line for a psychic job or may have saw an ad inside of the book store in their local area. Most of these networks don't test these people. They just give them an extension and tell them to talk as much as possible to make more money. These people are paid per minute not by the hour. So in other words, as long as you are talking. They are talking to get paid as much as possible. These people are not usually ginuine. They're there to get paid so that they can survive. Most of the networks are paying 40-50 cents per minute plus bonuses. These people are simply trying to get by. Once in a while you may have a truly, gifted and experienced psychic or prophet who may work for a network. Most likely, they will not last there very long. Especially if they're ethical, genuine and are there to help people. Please also stay away from trying to find the cheapest psychic, prophet or spell caster. This is very important. This is your spirituality. This is not something that you should be trying bargain with. This is the same as if you're ill and you go searching for the cheapest doctor in town. Please don't do this. A psychic, prophet or a spell caster who is the cheapest is most likely inexperienced, not psychically developed enough to help you. They most likely are not well known for their gifts not to mention their ethics. They probably don't have clients or experience or the skills that you are looking for. So, if you look for a cheap psychic. The chances are that you may either end of being conned into a cheap, inaccurate, disappointing reading or they may have sold you products or services that you didn't even need. Please, avoid cheap psychics, prophets or spell casters.

 This will save you a lot of heart ache and pain. Prices for cheap psychics, prophets or spell casters are usually around $20-$40 for 30 minutes or a hour reading. This is too cheap for a good, quality ,honest, accurate reading. A psychic, prophet or spell caster who is caring, extremely experienced and well known for their gift is most likely going to charge at least $80.00 or more for a 30 minute reading. This is due to their gift, their experience and their level of expertise in this field. They may have different levels of expertise, however they will not charge cheap prices for their services. This is the same as if you are a manager who's making $20 a hour. You get offered a job in your same field that's paying you $8 a hour. How would you feel? You will most likely feel cheated. This is a smack in the face to a well known psychic, prophet or spell caster who is gifted and experienced.  Although, experienced, well known, caring and gifted, ethical psychics, prophets and spell casters prices may vary. However they're not going to be cheap. You may find some ethical, well known, gifted psychics, prophets or spell casters who will have reasonable prices for the services. While you're here. Check out Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom services. She's reasonable, well known, ethical, caring and her gifts can be proven via video and also by her testomonials. 

LEGIT PSYCHICS-Some excellent qualities to look for in a psychic, prophet or a spell caster are a nice looking web site, testomonials, contact information, stable, understandable prices and rates. Look for psychics, prophets or spell casters who are very known and their gifts can be verified by other clients, the media or live videos. These are excellent qualities to look for. Another great tip for choosing the right psychic, prophet or spell caster are videos that are available which proves their gifts are real. Community service is very important! Psychics, prophets or spell casters who are willing to give back to their community is very important and it shows a level of ethics. This shows their devotion towards helping others and being of service to the world. Such as offering free readings,charity or even running free contests to help others. These are all great qualities to look for. So, now that you've found Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom. You may go ahead and select the service that you're interested in. Cheers. May God bless, Christine Waters, Assistant And Manager.  Also, be sure to check out Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom's insightful, educational video which she provides a few quick tips to avoid being scammed or ripped off by a psychic, prophet or a spell caster. She also shares a few quick tips on how to find a legit psychic, prophet or spell caster. Please watch and subscribe to her youtube channel as well at